Services we offer:

We offer complete computer services including repairs, upgrades, networking and maintenance. We have the ability to   get you up and running quickly after a hardware failure, virus, or any other situation. We provide onsite, carry in and remote access services.

Remote access:

We can remotely access your computer(s) to solve problems, install updates, remove viruses, etc. No need to bring your computer(s) in or have someone available to provide access to them. We can even work on your computer(s) after hours so as to not interrupt the work day. Internet access is required.


We install wireless and hard wired networks, including the new wireless Draft N components. We configure your router and computers to be secure from prying eyes and internet riders. We can also install wireless printing, gaming, etc. Use your laptop anywhere you want in your home and surf the internet and print without wires.

CCTV, Network and Internet Cameras Installed:

In today's world, surveillance cameras are a necessity for any business or home. And, the cost to install them is more affordable than ever. We can install CCTV, network and/or internet cameras so that you can record activity 24/7, and monitor your home or business from wherever you are.

Data Recovery:

We offer data recovery of your pictures, documents, etc, from a failed computer, sd card, memory stick. Even if the device has been formatted or the files erased. We can't however recover files from mechanically failed drives.

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